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Backward Sky Falling





Jason Blake is a Warr Guitarist from Chicago, Illinois. The Warr Guitar is a twelve-string instrument incorporating the range of a guitar and bass. It is played by tapping the strings. This technique is know as touchstyle guitar. Jason's main band is Aziola Cry, an instrument progressive metal trio featuring Warr Guitar, guitar, and drums. The band has released two albums to date with their third album coming soon. He has also recorded a solo album and and album with the progressive jazz quartet, E.K.W.B. Jason is currently working on an ambient record meant to accompany the art of longtime collaborator, Micka Klauck.

No shows at the moment.




MAY 2020 - I have been busy using this time to finish up a recording that I started some years ago. It is a soundscape album composed to accompany the artwork of longtime collaborator, Micka Klauck. The goal is to have the timing of the music release correspond to an art installation to be held in the future. 

Also, the long overdue third album by Aziola Cry is currently being mixed at Transient Sound. The band website is also active again in preparation for the band's return. 

Finally, talks have started with Joe Kopecky to bring Backward Sky Falling back in order to finish the music that we started many years ago.